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Modern Pretty Pastel Colour Ideas For Your Home

Pastel colours induce openness and represent neutrality as they are peaceful and soft. Calm, charismatic, and chic – pastel wall colours are now a massive success with modern home-owners. These shades praise relaxation and sometimes also equal to sanity.

For years, pastels wall colours have either been considered female-oriented or more suited for kid’s room interiors. Gone are those days!

With pastels making their way into home interiors regularly today, the possibilities are endless. People either tend to opt for bold colours to make a statement with their interiors or opt for neutrals to paint a balanced picture, but pastels can offer you a mix of both!

Check out these gratifying pastel colour schemes, from one of the best interior designing firms, for your home interiors to make a pretty unique statement.

Magical Pastel Wall Colour

Doesn’t this room look like some Disney princess’s room? Simply adorable!

Keeping a minimalist theme and combing the pastel wall colour against the neutral white makes this room more alluring. The olive pastel wall colour really brings out a unique vibe in this bedroom.

The use of fairy lights and the pop of orange accessories gives this bedroom its needed magical charm.

Impressive Pastel Pink Accessories

We often forget that the ceiling is an equally important part when designing your home. There is absolutely no need to go overboard with over-the-top ceiling designs when the pastel colour of the bedding is reflected in your ceiling design. Those velvet cushions and the statement lighting is adding to the glamour of this gorgeous bedroom.

Candy-coloured Pastel Wardrobes

When a candy can bring sweetness to our lives, won’t candy-coloured pastel wardrobes do the same?

These super cute pastel wardrobes can fit effortlessly into any kids’ playroom or bedroom. Maybe these even inspire them to keep their belongings neatly! Add funny wall decals of animals or their favourite cartoons to make the bedroom sing more to your child.

Peach Headboard For A Sound Sleep

Against a neutral background, the easiest way to alter the appearance of the room is to add the right pastel colour that adjusts the balance of neutrals and make them pop. Brighten up a fresh neutral bed with the peach pastel colour headboard and contrast it with dark cushions and bedspread to give it an extensive look to the bedroom.

Mix n Match Pastel Colours

Why should pastel colours be limited only to the walls?

A beautiful combination of pink and blue furniture will immediately draw attention against the monotone wall. Using proper accessories is equally important to set the tone of any room. Also, they are the easiest to get hold of without burning a hole in your pocket!

Elegant Pastel Wall Colour

An elegant, spacious, and luxurious modern bedroom design where absolutely nothing can go wrong with a perfect blend of green and beige.

The pairing of a warm neutral colour like beige with the rich and bold pastel olive green colour will give you an attractive yet balanced look making it an ideal place of comfort. Using bright yellow cushions against a contemporary concept makes this bedroom look more edgy and sophisticated.

Pastel Blue To Your Rescue

There is nothing that a pastel blue colour cannot fix! Blue is an obvious choice to make the room vibrant and full of positive energy.

The touch of baby blue pastel colour headboard and the multi-coloured cushions against the neutral tone of this bedroom is enough to make this room breathe freshness and instantly change your mood.

Go Dapper With A Pastel Wallpaper

When you do not want to go through the hassle bustle of repainting the room but want to revamp the room, always opt for a pastel wallpaper! This adorably graceful wallpaper matches the peaceful vibe of this room created by using natural browns, grays, and whites. The addition of pop yellow coloured curtains complements the room and gives it the required excitement.

This subtle family of colours has so much more to put up! From lending a calm, soothing tone to your walls to adding a pop of colour to a room and everywhere in between, pastels are all season colours.

Also, the right accessories make a difference in the visual aspect of a room. String up a piece of art or painting on the wall, and observe how it transforms any room in no time! The unique part about using pastels is that they can go equally well with whites, neutrals, and deep colours. So pastel accessories can suit any decor.

Take inspiration from these pastel colour designs from Kuvio Studio and select a beautiful shade in pastel for your home!