Kuvio Interior Design

Sustainable interior design leads to unique character

It’s always exciting to work for clients with unique requirements. Our client was serious about sustainable designs and this defined our approach to designing their 6000 sq.ft. office on MG Road, Bangalore. This 35-year-old building needed some major restoration work. To reduce the carbon footprint of this project we…

  1. Restored old to reduce consumption of new material
  2. Re-cycled existing elements
  3. Up-cycled scrap to keep the style quotient high

Old Flooring Restored

The Beautiful mosaic floor was hidden under an old carpet. The clients wanted a solution which was low maintenance without comprising style. Our design team worked out an office theme could blend perfectly with the mosaic floor. It was a labor intensive process which required skilled hands to polish and bring out the old world charm.

Restoring existing elements in the old structure brings out a unique character and is also low on maintenance.

 Old mosaic flooring — Retouched

Bamboo chicks for vernacular style

Existing windows had fixed panels as the earlier office had air-conditioning. However our clients wanted to reduce AC consumption, hence we made them operable. Sun blocking films on the window panes were making the office dingy. Removing it allowed natural light during the day and brought life to the office floor. Nonetheless, controlling the amount of light in office space is a key functional requirement. Installing bamboo chick served a dual purpose of allowing both light control and ventilation. This environmentally friendly solution with a vernacular style was a perfect replacement for usual plastic blinds.

The bamboo chicks add a vernacular style. It also helps in ventilation even when the light needs to be blocked out.

Eco friendly bamboo chicks with vernacular style

Up-cylcling furniture

A lot of items were recycled in the process of designing for this project. But we hit a bit of a road block when it came to designing the cafeteria. The client wanted the modern look but with a minimum environmental imprint. Our design team was looking for an optimum material for furniture when they saw some scrap on the side of the road. It triggered a thought of up-cycling some of that material for cafeteria table and lights. Our designers are working out rough sketches for these tables. We’ll share the final designs soon.

Up-cycling packaging material for furniture can be a great way towards design that is sustainable and has a minimum environmental impact.

Up-cycling packaging material for furniture

This is just an early preview of our approach. We will soon share more finished work related to this project.